Hello, thanks for stopping by my site.

I'm a multi-disciplinary "artisan" digital designer with 10+ years of design experience.

About the Site

I built my site from the ground up. I wanted my site to reflect my passion for the digital world but also my core belief that design is a craft, not a template. I am a strong advocate for understanding client needs and making their requested digital experience unique.

The fonts used are Open Sans by Steve Matteson and Lato by Warsaw-based designer Ɓukasz Dziedzic with support of Google. I attended a Responsive web design course this year at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia to enhance my front end coding skills and learn how to convert fixed websites to flexible grids. My portfolio page contains a loading effect for grid items with CSS animations. This plugin was found on CoDrops by this guy, Hakim El Hattab. The site design is simplistic and clean to showcase my work over the years. Explore at your own risk.

Online Profiles